Dancing Stars

Dancing Stars
Dancing Stars can be found on the cover of the American Patchwork & Quilting calendar for 2011. It's the month of February.

SPRING FLING is located in Volume 6 of Better Homes and Gardens Quilt-Lovers' Favorites.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Georgia, the beautiful tiny kitten, grew in the past six months.  She thought all the pretty shiny round things on the Christmas tree were hers.  She kept us busy all season trying to protect the decorations.
Atlanta had a white Christmas, the first in about 100 years.  We felt lucky to have it fall on the proper day, it never did amount to much, except it was beautiful while it was here.
The two grandchildren 4 and 10, who live in Georgia visited us for a day during school vacation.  Natalie sat very patiently adding macaroni while I put the drop of hot glue on the tree form.  She did very well for a four year old.  A good coat of silver paint and ribbon finished her tree, a gift for her Mom.  Austin worked on the candle for his Dad.  I remember almost everything about using crushed ice and a milk carton except for the wick.  We should have used a real candle in the center because the wick burnt up in a very short time.  Believe me whipping that hot paraffin made one big mess on the counter where there were no papers.
The most fun on Christmas Eve is exchanging hand made or free gifts.  Looks like the children had their share.  Free means anything you have gotten as a sample, premium, etc.,  nothing of much value usually, except for the fun of opening it.  I managed to get robes made for both children for their hand made gifts.  Think the final stitch came about 9PM on the day before Christmas Eve.  I'd rather make quilts!
This is just a small part of the new library in Burleson, Texas where our daughter, Cathy is librarian.  We visited the week of Thanksgiving and were fortunate to get the grand tour of the school.
Everything is bigger in Texas!

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