Dancing Stars

Dancing Stars
Dancing Stars can be found on the cover of the American Patchwork & Quilting calendar for 2011. It's the month of February.

SPRING FLING is located in Volume 6 of Better Homes and Gardens Quilt-Lovers' Favorites.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 20, 2011

February is almost done, how can that happen so fast.  I guess it is a short month since there is no 29th this year.  We will have been in our house 15 years February 28th.  We just had some painting done and the bathroom and powder rooms remodeled.  Time moves on and I suppose we have to keep everything updated, but the good thing (after all the dust was gone and stuff back where it belonged) is that now it smells like a new house again.  We have moved so many times in our married life that this is the first time we have ever been in the same house 15 years.  We made it to almost 11years in Oklahoma City.  We moved to Marietta (Atlanta) in 1988 and after 7 years it seemed like it was time to move, so we built a house directly across the street from the subdivision where we lived.  A new street was cut and it was to have 14 houses, we thought this would be great, new house, new street, and only a block from our house we were living in.  The really nice thing was being able to come and watch the house being built several times a day.  We had never been able to select everything that went into our previous houses because we were moving from out of town and had to find a house immediately.  Drex retired in 2008 so now if we ever move again it will be by choice, not because he was transferred.

Our two grandchildren who live in Marietta with our youngest son and wife.
If you look back at earlier posts, you'll see the other three grandchildren who live in Plano, TX